On August 25th, 2016, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt participated in an Expert Panel entitled “Using Data Analysis for Performance Enhancement” at the Sports Analytics Innovation Summit in San Francisco, California. Other panel members included Carmelita Jeter, Gold Medalist for the US Olympic Track and Field team in the London Olympics, and current owner of the second fastest 100 meter time in history by a female sprinter.  The third panelist was Samantha Ebata, M.S., Sport Biomechanist & Lead Performance Analyst at the Canadian Sport Institute.
The panel explored a range of topics that included:
  1. Why it is important to use data analysis and big data analytics in sports
  2. Questions of accuracy of big data analytics
  3. How to improve the accuracy of big data analytics applied to sports
  4. How to communicate performance-related data to athletes in a way that facilitates their cooperation and augments performance