Applying the Science of Human Space Flight to Elite Athletes

Applying the Science of  Elite Athletes to Humans in Space

Elite Athletes and Extreme Environments

Mountain Ascent and Altitude Tolerance

Development of personalized assessment, performance, endurance, and training methods for high altitude.  Development efforts focused on improving altitude tolerance and reducing symptoms of acute mountain sickness, using molecular countermeasure solutions. Includes space analogue conditions, such as Mars.  Collaborators include the Mayo Clinic and others.

Professional Auto Racing & Human Performance

Co-development of Corvette Racing’s driver science, personalized medicine, human performance program, based on molecular and physiologic metrics. Consultation with NASCAR teams and other racing teams around molecular-derived personalized countermeasures.

Pattern Analysis & Countermeasures in Elite Basketball Players

Molecular profiling and individualized countermeasures for NBA teams and athletes.  Among these are the Golden State Warriors, during their 73-9 record-setting season. 

Pattern Analysis & Countermeasures in Elite Football Players

Development of study paradigms and possible solutions for football-associated concussion.  This work is focused on NAD, ATP, PARP-1, BNDF, and other molecular networks. Includes advanced neuroimaging approaches, such as 31P MRS.  Beyond the research area, this also incorporates analysis of football player serum molecular profiles and development of tailored, personalized solutions.  Collaborations include the NFL Players Association, US Olympic teams, and West Point Military Academy (USMA).

Military Special Forces

Development of individualized molecular profiling and molecular countermeasure strategies for US Special Forces.  Development of study paradigms and possible solutions for combat-associated concussion.  Research surrounding  extending operations in the field and improving soldier performance.  This includes work with the Combat Feeding Directorate and West Point Military Academy (USMA).

Team Cohesion & Performance in Extreme Environments

Examination of patterns of human performance in expedition environments, which can also serve as space analogue environments.  Team cohesion is one of the central elements that governs team success in almost any environment (sports, special forces, spaceflight, wilderness, etc.).  It also strongly impacts individual success and survival. We work to study and optimize the neurobehavioral and biological influences on team cohesion, with a focus on countermeasures.


To determine the effect of oral nicotinamide riboside (NR) on altitude tolerance, team cohesion, cardiopulmonary function, sleep, and measures of aging.  This study also served as a Mars analogue mission, with further applications to military training and operations in hypobaric hypoxia field conditions.

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