Training and Education

At Sovaris Aerospace, we understand that the fields of systems biology, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics are racing along at an extraordinary pace. Aerospace physicians are increasingly interested in staying connected to these developments and to finding ways that these new developments might be useful in clinical practice. However, finding the clinically relevant material in the vast body of research is often challenging to a busy practitioner.

The Sovaris Aerospace team offers a range of training programs for physicians in clinical practice. These programs are focused on physicians who wish to:

Become more knowledgeable about functional genomics and metabolic pathways

  • Gain practical knowledge in assessment of these networks in practice
  • Gain knowledge in how to translate these findings into clinical solutions
  • Gain growing confidence in applying personalized medicine in the clinical setting

Sovaris Aerospace training programs are focused on solutions. While extensive background knowledge is typically provided, it is all oriented toward the doctor gaining a better understanding of how to use assessment tools and how this can be translated to patient care. Our focus is on reducing the metabolic complexity into solutions that makes sense in the daily context of the doctor’s practice.

The Sovaris Aerospace programs are not about drug-centered care. While drug therapeutics are integrated into the care paradigms addressed by our programs, our training programs are more focused on improving regulation of the vast metabolic networks that are altered in any given disease state. (In relation to drugs, our programs do address how genomics and metabolomics can be applied in clinical practice to minimize adverse drug events and enhance drug efficacy. This is done by understanding the drug metabolizing enzyme system and in applying the appropriate small molecule countermeasures [solutions]).

The primary programs presently provided by Sovaris Aerospace are listed below. We are also willing to discuss the development of new programs and keynotes that are tailored to a specific client’s needs.

Medical Training Programs in Metabolomics and Systems Biology

Most Programs have been offered in CME Accredited Environments

  • Applying Functional Genomics and Metabolomics in Clinical Practice
  • Applying Clinical Precision to Metabolic Network Assessment
  • Applying Clinical Precision to Fatty Acid Diagnostics & Therapeutics
  • Clinical Genomics and Metabolomics of Methyl Transfer Dysregulation
  • Clinical Systems Biology Applied to Mitochondrial Function and Human Performance
  • Clinical Genomics and Metabolomics of HFE and Hemochromatosis
  • A Systems Biology Approach to the Clinical Management of Unexplained Fatigue
  • Neuroplasticity Solutions Using Fatty Acids and Phospholipids
  • Frontiers of Personalized Medicine: Translating the ‘Omics Fields from High Performance Medicine to the Clinical Tools of the Future
  • Navigating the Antibiotic Crisis in Clinical Practice: A Systems Biology Approach
  • Systems Approach to Neuroplasticity and Leadership
  • Personalized Medicine in Human Space Flight: A Individualized Omics Approach
  • Omics Methods Applied to Human Space Research
  • Three Dimensional Human Tissues as Surrogates for Assessing Radiation Effects on Humans
  • Three Dimensional Human Tissues as Surrogates for Research into Human Cellular Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics during Space Flight